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Calling CQ on a Repeater by VK6FLAB

What are the rules for calling CQ on a repeater?

When you finally get to the point of pushing the talk button on your microphone, after passing the test, receiving your license, getting your radio, building an antenna, digesting the manual, identifying a repeater, untangling its offset, programming those frequencies and keying up, you might be surprised to realise that you're lost for words. Something which I've talked about before.

Even if you do have something to say, finding a person to say it to will be the next big challenge. Truth be told, the more frequencies you have to choose from, the harder it seems to discover a fellow amateur and with Internet connected repeater networks, your choice appears infinite.

So, how do you initiate communication on a repeater? Do you call CQ, ask for a signal check, or just kerplunk the repeater to prove that your signal is getting in?

Show Us Your Shack!

N5ASH and KF5KRN's shack

It's time to "show off your shack!" Whether your station is basic or is equipped with "all the bells & whistles," we'd like to share it here on the Club website and our Facebook page! Please send photos to Skeeter N5ASH at

 The photo seen here is the shack of Tim "Skeeter" N5ASH and Geri (aka "Sweetie") KF5KRN. For HF operation, there is an Icom IC-718 using a Heil Sound iCM microphone, LDG Electronics IT-100 auto antenna tuner, and SignaLink USB digital interface. The HF antennas are an 80m dipole in an 'inverted V' configuration, and an EFHW cut for 40m. For 2m/70cm, we have a Kenwood TM-V71a dual-band transceiver, currently utilizing a mag-mount mobile antenna on the metal roof of our patio.


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Thank you



KK4BBG Makes Donation after receiving stimulus

Jarred KK4BBG had said that if he got a second stimulus he would donate $100 to the club

Well he got the stimulus and here he is donating his $100

He is shown giving the donation to SMRC President Randy Bee W4WRB


Thanks Jarred and who else has a stimulus that they would like to carve a little part out of to donate

The club sure could use it





SMRC's Mailing Address

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Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

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(-) 600 khz Offset

Club Officers


2022 Officers 

President:  W4WRB  (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  N4MEY  (Curt Porter)

Secretary:  KN4UZO  (Cal Carr)

Treasurer:  KN4YSU  (Doug Carroll)





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