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A New Very Special Ham Licensee

Barry with VEs KD4MFH, AJ4YS,AK4AX, W4BB

Today (11/03/2012) at the VE Testing in Shelbyville, TN a 16 year old boy passed his test for a Technician Class Amateur Radio License

His name is Barry Bee and he is a special needs child. He has Down Syndrome. He had studied almost non-stop for approximately a year. He had taken the test once prior at the last session 2 months ago.

He studied with and was tutored by several Hams and non-hams alike. A debt of gratitude is owed all who assisted Barry during this process.

A special thanks is due several who helped him in various extra ways including one-on-one training along his journey.

These include Tony Reaux (WA4VDB) Bob Petrie (W4AZM) Sam Reid (KK4DUP) Barry Hudgins (KK4CGM) of our Short Mountain Repeater Club;  Joe Thatcher (AJ4YS) Eddie Carmicheal (KD4MFH) of Bedford County Amateur Radio Society; David Brown (W4ODB) Christle Price (Special Education Teacher Bedford County Schools).

This is a monumental step for Barry and I know that we are all very proud of him.

He can hardly wait to get his callsign on Monday.


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SMRC Tailgate Review

It's been a little over a month now and the memory of the Mid Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair is not as vivid as it used to be. As the fall approaches, we look back on the MTSTEF as an overwhelming success. The event was well attended with many spending a good part of the day with us. Vendors were pleased with the interest in their products and most considered the event financially successful. Mr. Young of Total Radio told us that he sold more radios at the MTSTEF than he had in any comparable events all year. We want to thank all of our sponsors for taking an interest in our event and joining in to make this event a great success. We especially want to thank all the sponsors who donated door prizes and provided these donations on short notice.

SMRC Technician's Element 2 ExamTraining Classes

One of our goals at the Short Mountain Repeater Club is to provide you with information that will give you aid in becoming a proficient amateur radio operator in the shortest time possible. The first step is to get your Ham license. This course is your entry into the craft of amateur radio as it not only gives you information that you would not get on your own but it also gives you the study tools and the plan to effectively study properly.

Below is a general description of the material included in the Technician's Class License Exam Training course.

Session I Section 1: Introduction to Ham Radio In SMRC’s introduction to Ham Radio you will be familiarized with the craft of Ham Radio, including a bit of history and the activities in which Hams are currently involved. You will learn some of the basics about the role of the Federal Communications Commission and Part 97 governing radio communications. The general requirements for the Technician class license will be explained as well as the general structure of SMRC classes and how we will help you successfully acquire your first Ham license.


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