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SMRC R and R Net

Repeats every week every Friday until Fri Jan 27 2023.
Friday, April 15, 2022 - 8:00pm

Rest and Relaxation Net

Donnie W8GNI brought back the once great R & R Net on Friday nights at 8 PM

Its on the repeater now

This net was started by Leland Adcock W9LMA years ago just for fun to wind down on Friday evenings

So now that Donnie is also a silent key we will continue the net honoring him in addition to Leland

The R and R net will be called when a net control operator is available



2012 Mid Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair Review

Tailgate Review Redo

Relive the events and participants of the 2012 Mid Tenn Summer Tailgate and Emergency Fair. This event was the first tailgate in the area to combine the Ham Radio community and the preparedness community to offer products from both.

Technician's Licensing Training Classes

We do not have an entry level class for Technician's Class Licensing established at this time but if you're interested in seeing one established, please sign up.  We will gauge the desire for the class by the number of those who are interested in this class.  Remember, we have training available for Technician's class on the site under the Video Library tab under Licensing University.  There are 12 hours of video available with all the documentation needed to help you pass your exam.  You also have the licensing forum available in case you get stuck or have questions.

Cedars of Lebanon Vendor Information

SMRC wants to express our appreciation for your participation in Cedars of Lebanon 36th Annual Hamfest. If you were a part of the 34th Annual Hamfest, you know that the reason it was so successful was because of the vendor participation. Many of the vendors last year experienced sales beyond their expectations, and one vendor exceeded his total yearly sales for one of his radios.

This years event is is in the same location with the main display area stretching over 250 yards. The main road running through the venue is about 12 feet wide so parking will have to be planned carefully. We are providing a turn-around area at the North end of the main road for those who must leave before the end of the event. There are some areas where parking will be limited to one side of the road but pop-ups and tables can be set up on both sides of the road. 

SMRC Cedars of Lebanon Hamfest


Cedars of Lebanon 36th Annual Hamfest

The SMRC Hamfest will be on August 28nd, in the same location with all the fun and good stuff we have every year. Join us for our ARRL affiliated event and stay tuned for more information as it is made available.

Tell all your friends and neighbors that have an interest in Ham radio, emergency communications or preparing for your self reliance in any situation that "the" event in Middle Tennessee is on the horizon.




Talk-in frequency 146.910 (-)



SMRC's Mailing Address

Short Mountain Repeater Club
P.O. Box 31
Christiana, TN  37037

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Repeater Trustee:

 W4WRB (Randy Bee)

Trustee email







(-) 600 khz Offset

Club Officers


2022 Officers 

President:  W4WRB  (Randy Bee)

Vice President:  N4MEY  (Curt Porter)

Secretary:  KN4UZO  (Cal Carr)

Treasurer:  KN4YSU  (Doug Carroll)





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