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Technician Training Video Session 1; Part 1

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This video is the first in the Technician's Class Element 2 training class. In this first session, the SMRC instructors introduce themselves and W4AZM (Bob Petrie) take you into preparation for the FCC Element 2 exam by presenting subelement T1A. Subelement T1A covers FCC rules, descriptions and definitions for the amateur radio service, along with operator and station license responsibilities. In your training syllabus, this video covers chapter 1 in the ARRL Technician's Training Manual, Pages 1-2, and 43 in the Online guide.

Solar Data Page

The following information was taken from N0NBH's Solar data update page found at the following url:


United States
35° 52' 16.4892" N, 86° 40' 16.1148" W

N0JPD demonstrates PSK31 & WINLINK setup

Digital Presentation

Andy lets us visit his shack to take a look at his setup for PSK31 and Winlink applications and shows us the interfaces of each.

Information Net Preamble

Good evening,
This is CALLSIGN. My name is NAME. I am located in CITY/TOWN and I will be your net 
control for this session of the Short Mountain Repeater Information Net.

Emergency Communications 2

E-Comm 2

W4AZM & KK4CGM follow up the E-Comm 1 presentation with a more detailed look at Ham Radio and the value it offers in emergency situations. Subjects covered in this presentation include understanding the different FCC licensing classes and how they relate to the type of communication you can achieve during infrastructure failure. Information is presented on the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) and how hams and non-hams can utilize it. Basic wave propagation principles are also discussed. The audio in this video drops out occasionally for a brief time, but not to the point you loose the point of the conversation.

Emergency Communications 1

Emergency Comm

WD8KVQ, W4AZM & KK4CGM narrate a presentation to a preparedness group, at a Goodletsville convention, who are interested in the value of Ham Radio in emergency situations. Subjects covered include how public infrastructures may be affected in various emergency events and the benefits Ham Radio can offer for communication during these failures. Basics about radio are covered including repeaters, simplex operation and how digital modes can be used for communication.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency LED Lighting

Michael Hamby (KI4UJY) gives a presentation on products and techniques available in an emergency situation that will provide needed lighting.This presentation was presented at the Cedars of Lebanon 33rd Annual Hamfest with Self Reliance Expo on August 24, 2013.

Raspberry Pi Basics

Raspberry Pi Basics

Michael Glennon KB4JHU, presented this workshop at the Cedars of Lebanon 33rd Annual Hamfestwith Self Rreliance Expo on August 24, 2013. Michael covers the basics of what a Raspberrry Pi is, what it does and how to set it up. If you are wanting to take advantage of the power this device offers in such a small package, this video is a must see!

Antenna Workshop for Fox Hunting Yagi

Fox hunt yagi

Step-by-step process of building a 3 element yagi used for simple 2 meter operation or for Fox Hunting. The specifications for construction are as follows:

  • Reflector- 41 3/8"
  • Driven Element- 17 3/4" each
  • Director- 35 1/8"
  • Matching loop (balun)- 5 1/2"
  • Space between Reflector and Driven Element- 8" on center
  • Space between Driven Element and Director- 12 1/2" on center

Technician's Licensing Training Classes

We do not have an entry level class for Technician's Class Licensing established at this time but if you're interested in seeing one established, please sign up.  We will gauge the desire for the class by the number of those who are interested in this class.  Remember, we have training available for Technician's class on the site under the Video Library tab under Licensing University.  There are 12 hours of video available with all the documentation needed to help you pass your exam.  You also have the licensing forum available in case you get stuck or have questions.

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